What To Pack in Your Day Pack for Disney Parks

Do you know what’s the worst? Realizing you desperately need a phone charger, or an umbrella, and realizing that you have one – but that it’s back in the hotel. We consider ourselves Disney parks pros by now – and anyone that’s been to Disney will tell you that it’s no simple task to run back to the room to grab something you forgot when you’re in the parks. Even if you’re staying on property, it still takes a good amount of time to head back to your room, so it really is just a better idea to try and be prepared ahead of time. Today, we’re sharing what we pack in our bags to take into the parks with us – in hopes of helping you find a better starting place when packing your park bag. 

-Fuel Rod

Because how are you going to take pictures in front of aesthetic walls with a dead phone? (Oh yeah, and Fastpasses and stuff). 

-Camera equipment

We always have our camera equipment with us, wherever we go. 

-Rain jacket/ umbrella

Florida rains almost every day, especially in the months of May-October. Having rain gear with you is HUGE for having a great trip.

-Change of ears

I always have a spare pair with me. 


Anyone else hate having dry lips?


Breakfast options in the parks can be a little bit of slim pickings, so I normally carry meal bars in my purse, in case I get hungry before lunchtime. 


The Florida sunshine is no joke, and even if you normally don’t burn, you should use more SPF than you normally think you would need. 


My hair tangles easily, and I especially love having a brush after water rides, or rollercoasters. 


These are NECESSARY in the sunshine. I normally carry an extra pair in case I lose one. 


Headache from the sun or heartburn from one too many margaritas in Epcot? Bring your own miniature pharmacy, so you’ll be covered. 

-Pocket fan 

This pocket fan changed my park quality of life in the summers at Disney. It makes it feel so much cooler.