WDW Ticket Price Increase (And What You Can Do)

Disney ticket prices go-up almost every year. This is how the world works – like taxes, or a Kardashian break-up. Here’s the thing – the parks are overcrowded, and with every new attraction getting ready to open (we’re looking at you Star Wars Land), the parks get more crowded. Disney thinks (not very accurately), that if they raise the ticket prices, they can price people out of the parks and help with crowd control. Some of us, however, would rather eat Ramen Noodles 300 days a year than have our Annual Pass ripped from our hands. For those that aren’t so extreme, let’s look at the new pricing structure, and then talk about what you can do about it.

One Day Ticket Prices in 2017:
$124 for Peak Season
$115 for Regular Season
$107 for Value Season

One Day Ticket Prices now:
$129 for Peak Season
$119 for Regular Season
$109 for Value Season

Price for an Annual Pass in 2017:

Price for an Annual Pass now:

Are there still ways to save money on tickets?
Yes. Yes there are. However MOST of the time if you’re buying a discounted ticket, that seems too good to be true, it is. There are so many places looking to scam you, take your money, and leave you with no tickets. That’s why we suggest only looking for discounts from the places below.

-Undercover Tourist
Undercover Tourist buys wholesale tickets from the Big Cheese himself, marks them up slightly, and sells them to you. For the normal person, Undercover Tourist is the best way to go. Also, the price they quote you includes taxes, while Disney’s website doesn’t – so make sure you see the whole picture when comparing prices.

-Disney Vacation Club
DVC Membership has a lot of perks, and one of them is discounted Annual Passes.

-Consider More Days
Buying a multi-day ticket will save you money. The more days you go, the less expensive tickets will be.

-Consider an Annual Pass
David and I recently did the math, and found that our Annual Pass paid for itself in one and a half trips. If you plan to go more than once a year (which a lot of families in close-ish proximity do), strongly consider buying an AP.

At the end of the day, Disney is expensive, but there’s tons of ways to save money on things BESIDES tickets. Check out our blog on money-saving Disney tips, renting DVC Points, and best inexpensive food options!