Walt Disney World’s Pop Century Review

Nostalgia and I are good friends. We go far back, have special friendship bracelets, and a clubhouse in the woods. There’s just something about looking to the past, that turns everything rose colored and glittery, and makes it look better than it was. That’s probably why I still count ‘Baby, One More Time’, as one of my all time favorite songs, and am throwing up praise hands over the fact that the 90s look of chokers and velvet is back full force. It’s no surprise, that I have a soft spot for the Pop Century Resort at Walt Disney World, which celebrates all things nostalgic and glamorizes yesteryear.

20170101-LJP_044120170101-LJP_047420170101-LJP_0467Disney’s Pop Century is a Value Resort, which means you’re going to get the best deals on these hotels on property (it’s not as cheap as blowing up an air mattress on your friends living room, but we all have to grow up sometime). If staying on property is important to you, but the prices for the Moderate Resorts and Deluxe Resorts, make you want to curl in a corner crying, we think the Pop Century is your best bet. We technically enjoy Art of Animation more than any other Value Resort, but as Little Mermaid rooms are often sold out, and the rest of the suites rival prices at The Animal Kingdom Lodge, we think the Pop Century is a safer bet. 20170101-LJP_046420170101-LJP_046220170101-LJP_0460

The Pop Century celebrates every decade, from the 50s, to the 90s (AKA THE BEST DECADE). In typical, Disney Value Resort style, they use oversized icons to decorate, such as giant Yo-Yos, cans of PlayDoh, and Tramp. We think that overall, this look works for the hotel. As its focused more on being a whimsical, fun time for families, than a luxury experience. 20170101-LJP_045620170101-LJP_045420170101-LJP_0451

The Pop Century has fun pools, and a better food court than the All Stars, giving it even more reason to feel superior on the medal platform. The bottom line for us, is that The Pop Century ISN’T the All Stars. We are sure, that there are many Disney fans out there, that LOVE the All Star Value Resorts. To us, they always seem really loud (because I’m old, and I enjoy my quiet!), and the theming doesn’t translate as well as the Pop.
20170101-LJP_0449 20170101-LJP_044620170101-LJP_0445The Pop is a great choice for families looking to budget, even though with the smaller sized rooms, it’s probably better for families with younger kids (or that special family that’s looking for extra bonding). We highly recommend it, and give it our pick over your other Value options.