Walt Disney World’s Narcoossee’s Review and Date Night

On our most recent trip to Walt Disney World, David and I had a date night to celebrate the three years anniversary of the blog. That’s right. We’ve been putting out magical, somewhat witty, occasionally okay content for three years. YOU’RE WELCOME WORLD. To celebrate, we decided to go to Narcoossee’s, at The Grand Floridian (which, fun fact, was also where we were when we came up with the idea for the blog). I’ve spent a lot of time at Narcoossee’s over the years, mainly because it’s my dad’s favorite Disney restaurant – I don’t go as often these days (because I pay my own bills now, and steak and lobster is pricey AF).20170301-LJP_323520170301-LJP_324220170301-LJP_3259

Let me start by saying – I love The Grand Floridian Resort. I think that it’s one of the most romantic spots you can go on a date night in all of Disney World. There’s something about it that evokes an old school, Anne of Green Gables, walking hand in hand with Gilbert Blythe kind of romance, that makes my heart swoon.20170301-LJP_326020170301-LJP_326920170301-LJP_3271

I paired a dress from Francescas, with my favorite Target sandals (the corkbed heel is perfect for park walking), and a Disney Dooney bag for my date night look.20170301-LJP_3272

Narcoossee’s is a free standing building, with a wrap around porch, and views of the water and a (partial) view of Magic Kingdom. The inside of the restaurant is decorated with light wood tones, different shades of blue glass, and an open kitchen that greets you when you first walk in. We chose to sit at the bar, instead of making reservations (I secretly love sitting at bars – probably because I used to bartend- not because I love to be closer to the booze).20170301-LJP_3273

I’ve had issues with service at Disney Signature Restaurants in the past, which I’ve discussed on here. It’s mainly because of the fact that Disney promotes through a seniority system, which I feel like has led to some complacency (occasionally). Narcoossee’s is not this way. The bartender that took care of us was PHENOMENAL, and truly encompassed customer service. He was kind, attentive, and a good salesman without being pushy.20170301-LJP_327420170301-LJP_3277

I started my dinner by exploring Narcoossee’s fantastic wine menu. They carried Belle Gloss by the glass, which is my favorite wine, and normally only available by the bottle. (Try it guys – it’s essentially the liquid from the fountain of youth.) David and I shared calamari, lobster mac n cheese, and a pork chop for dinner. Everything was fantastic, and prepared perfectly. The restaurant new we were celebrating, so they gave us a complimentary almond cheesecake for dessert, which is their signature dessert (and our favorite dessert on property).20170301-LJP_328320170301-LJP_3286

All in all, we have a very high opinion of Narcoossee’s, and recommend it for a fancy date night, a celebration, or just if you’re looking for a signature dining option to add to your trip rotation. 20170301-LJP_3291PhotoPass_Visiting_MK_7965038246

We always head over to The Magic Kingdom for some fireworks, and a little extra magic after our date nights at The Grand Floridian. But that’s just us (and I think we’ve always made it clear that we have the taste of children on here).