Walt Disney World’s Boma Breakfast Review

Is there anything, in the whole wide world, better than brunch? Guys – the obvious answer is no. There is nothing better than brunch. It’s why we have Saturdays – without Saturdays, the bloody mary mix industry would go out of business, and croissant bakeries would have nothing to do with their life callings. One of our favorite places to grab brunch, when we’re at Walt Disney World, is at one of our favorite resorts. We’re talking about the one and only Boma – it has a cult level following, and is fantastic at all times of day, but has a very special breakfast.20170422-LJP_514520170422-LJP_515220170422-LJP_5154LJP_0127

Located in The Animal Kingdom Lodge (aka the most underrated Deluxe Resort), Boma is as much of an experience, as it is a meal. We love visiting The Animal Kingdom Lodge – we always arrive early to meal reservations so we can walk out to the savannah, and check out the animals, and enjoy the amazing ambiance of the lobby.LJP_0118LJP_0108LJP_0024

After you enjoy all your free ambiance, get ready to shell out the big bucks (or moderate bucks), or an all you can eat feast, that will leave you wanting to do nothing else for the rest of the day, until your stomach stops hurting, and you can wear pants without an elastic waistband again.

Boma has a carving station at brunch (A CARVING STATION), an omelet station, a whole section of savory and sweet dishes, Simba waffles, and SO MANY other bitching brunch dishes that will send you into food coma heaven.20170422-LJP_532520170422-LJP_5186

We love breakfast at Boma, and we know you will too – unless you don’t have taste buds, or you have insanely bad taste – then we can’t help you.