Walt Disney World Parades Tips & Tricks

We’re arriving into the Holiday season (for David and I, the Holiday season started months ago), which means PARADES at Walt Disney World will be commonplace. Whether you’re watching the parades at a seasonal event, like a hard-ticket party, just catching the afternoon showing of Festival of Fantasy, or are visiting the parks during the two weeks of Christmas when they show the Holiday parade everyday – we think our parade tips will help you navigate the festival processionals like a pro.

-Arrive Early
Did you really think we would say anything else? Do you know us at all? If you really want to see a parade, and you really want a GREAT SPOT – arrive early. There really is no other secret. Get to the best spot early, and claim it for your own. Don’t be that person that tries to shove your family in front of the people that have been waiting patiently for two hours – it goes against everything we were taught in kindergarten, and it’s plain bad manners.

-Insist On Main Street
You can watch Magic Kingdom Parades from many different places (such as Frontierland, or Liberty Square – BOO!), but if you want the full, magical experience, you need to watch it from the end of Main Street. Either claim your spot front and center, in front of the Roy and Minnie statue on the curb (the Christmas tree will be here during the Holidays!), or if this spot is taken, grab some curb in front of the Confectionary. The parades are far more magical when you can see the Castle, and Main Street as a backdrop.

-Leave Someone Behind
Normally, David and I will arrive for a parade we really want a good spot for, a couple of hours early with our daypacks, and claim our spot. Then one of us will stay, and the other will shop and explore – and we switch off every twenty minutes or so. This tip also works for larger parties as well. As long as someone is left behind, claiming your spot with bags, strollers, etc, it’s totally fine in our opinion, for the rest of your party to enjoy the park. Just draw straws, maybe, to decide who gets to be the person left behind.

-Is there a second showing?
On days that there is a second showing of a parade, consider catching that, instead of trying to see the first showing. Second showings are usually considerably less crowded than first showings – mainly because families with younger children, understandably so, need to adhere to an earlier bedtime. If you, however, say bedtime be darned – go ahead and stay for the later parade. You’ll be rewarded with much smaller crowds.

We think our tips for parades will make it easier for you to grab a great view for everyone (and help parents not have to hoist a kid on their shoulders the whole time!). Holiday crowds for parades are nothing for you to be afraid of – YOU are armed with information, and a strategy.