Valentines Day Gift Giving Guide

Valentine’s Day is my second favorite holiday of the year. I love celebrating my relationship with David, but I also love getting together with my girlfriends for a chick flick and fun treats. David and I normally celebrate and go out a few days early to avoid the crowds, and then have a chill night at home on actual Valentines Day. Today, I’m putting together our Valentine’s Day gift giving guide (because you can only get a grown-person so many stuffed animals and boxes of overpriced chocolate).

-A Personalized Photo Book
I’ve loved photo albums since I was a kid, and I would pull out all the photo albums from the closet shelf, and look through them. It’s even better putting together photo albums in todays day and age, because you can get them made online, just by uploading your photos.

-Silicone Wedding Bands for the Gym
Still grinding out those New Years Resolutions at the gym? I love having a Silicone Wedding Ring for when we go kickboxing – I love this one and this one.

-A Framed Map
David and I have framed maps all over our house, of cities that have a special meaning to us and our relationship. It’s the perfect thoughtful gift.

-A Google Home
Last Valentines Day, I got David a Google Home, and now I wonder how we ever lived without it. It makes life so much easier around the house – whether it’s controlling device, or setting timers, it’s the best.

-His and Her Coffee Travel Mugs
I have a tendency to steal all the travel cups in our house, no matter who they belong to – so having two color coordinated ones help.