Why You Should Use A Disney Travel Agent For Your Disney Trip

In a perfect world, you and I would sit down at my favorite coffee place down the street. We would order lavender vanilla lattes, delicious pastries, and spend hours talking about pop culture, and planning every single detail of your Disney Vacation together. We would sit in the comfortable couches all day, picking out your dining reservations, and the hotel that’s perfect for you and your family to make memories that you’re going to talk about for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that perfect world, and we can’t do that (as much as I would love to!). As great as it would be, if bloggers could sit down, and provide that level of detailed trip planning help, it’s not feasible. That’s why we decided to sit down today, and write a blog on what we consider the next best thing, to having us sit down in a coffee shop with you, and help you plan your trip – an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.

ljp_0787ljp_0578Sometimes, for some of us that go to Disney a lot, we can forget how overwhelming the whole process is. We’re in the middle of planning a trip with two of our best friends right now, who haven’t been before, and were trying to explain Fast Passes to them. It’s so easy to forget that for first time guests, that ‘Disney-ites’ speak their own language. It was a wake up call moment to us, of how much planning is necessary for a Disney trip, and how most people just don’t have that time. Today, we’re breaking down on the blog why we recommend using a Disney Travel Agent, and WHO we recommend using.

ljp_0419ljp_03901. Time
Have you heard the phrase ‘ain’t nobody got time for that!’? Well, it seems to me, that never was a truer phrase spoken about life in the 21st Century. There’s always something to do, and always someone that wants our time. Planning a trip to Disney takes A LOT of time, and using a good Disney Travel Agent will save you A LOT of time. If you book a table service dining plan, they will wake up early and get your dining reservations so that you aren’t up at the crack of dawn trying to get into Cinderella’s Royal Table. If you’re overwhelmed with rides, attractions, events, resorts, restaurants, and all that is Disney World, they will work with you to find the experience that caters to you and your family.

ljp_0235dsc_92432. Money
The Disney Travel Agency we recommend (Small World Vacations), is always free. They earn their money based off commissions from Disney. As well as being free, there’s a very good chance that using a Disney Travel Agent will SAVE you money, as they’re trained to look for bargains, and get you the best deal possible. So if it’s free, and can even save you money, why are you NOT using a Disney Travel Agent?

dsc_887520160626-ljp_64933. Service
Excellent Customer Service is a hallmark of a Disney Vacation, and that should begin while you’re planning your trip, with incredible service while your trip is being planned. A good Disney Travel Agency will work to exceed your expectations.

20160626-ljp_648420160626-ljp_6388While there’s many good Disney Travel Agencies, we only think there’s one that meets all the criteria we’ve discussed above, and that we trust enough to hand over our viewers trips to, and that’s our friends at Small World Vacations. Small World Vacations has been planning magical trips for twenty years, and when you talk to them you can tell they genuinely believe in the magic of Disney World, and want to bring that to your vacation. Also, if 20 years experience isn’t proof enough, they have been recommended by Mousesavers.com for over 15 years. They are caring, genuine, customer service driven people, and will bring magic to every part of your trip planning process.

20160624-ljp_584820160625-ljp_626020160625-ljp_6036We hope we’ve made your decision a little easier today, on whether or not to use a Disney Travel Agent. We know planning a trip to Disney is a huge undertaking, and we know our friends at Small World Vacations can make that process easier.