The Disneyland Hotel Review

I’ve dreamed of staying at The Disneyland Hotel for a long time. To me, it was the pinnacle of Disney Hotels, with its rich history, and theming that surrounds the parks I love. We got to stay at the resort this past Thanksgiving, and to say I was excited would be an understatement. I was more like a kid on Christmas morning, a Kardashian who just posted a selfie – my excitement levels were sky high.

I left the resort with mixed feelings. In some manners, the resort was incredible. As far as customer service went, it was top notch. The pool and common areas were incredibly themed, and so much fun. Room service even made some extra magic for us, by sending up some fun Mickey shaped treats and milk to end our day. Dining at the resort is also top notch – our favorite option there is Steakhouse 55 – this restaurant has incredible food, as well as great ambiance.

On the other side, the rooms felt a little rundown, and a bit on the small side, considering the price. There was part of the headboard peeling off, as well as part of the paint and we had a tough time with the space. Considering that the hotels bills itself, and prices itself as a luxury hotel, we hope that these issues are addressed soon.

We love the hotel, and we hope that some upkeep issues are addressed, to make it feel more like the money you’re spending is appropriate.