The Best Free Things in Las Vegas

Headed to sin city? I’m going to be shoot straight with you – Vegas was never at the top of my list for travel destinations. The main reason that we went was because I DESPERATELY needed to fulfill my life long dream of seeing Britney Spears in concert (all hail the Queen!), and that show happens to be in Vegas. Vegas isn’t a cheap destination – they lure you in with affordable looking luxury suites, then slam you with hidden charges, and get you to spend way more money than you were planning to in their restaurants, shops, casinos, and bars. Traveling luxuriously in Vegas is great, but so is saving money, without feeling like your scrimping. One of the biggest money-saving tips that David and I have found, is that most major cities offer a ton of free activities that are worth your while. Vegas is one of those cities. Here are our favorite, FREE activities that we found, that will save you some money, so you can re-invest that back into a fabulous show, or amazing dinner.

1. The Conservatory, The Bellagio

This indoor, seasonal, botanical garden is just plain cool. We saw the autumn display, which was made to look like an elaborate harvest festival, and is incredibly well done. We’ve heard they pull all the stops out for the Christmas display as well. Go during day time, and night as well, as the lighting is completely different.


2. The Volcano, The Mirage

The Mirage Resort has a volcano in front of it for the entire purpose of exploding, and drawing tourists in. Its the ultimate Las Vegas gimmick – draw people in with noise, fire, and something free.

3.Take a picture with The Vegas Sign

Getting a selfie (or finding a trust worthy looking tourist) to snap your photo with the ‘Welcome To The Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign is a Sin City trip right of passage. We recommend trying to get there early in the day, before the buses of tourist start streaming in.


4. The Painted Ceilings of the Venetian

Want a little culture with your gambling? The ceilings in the Venetian are bringing the masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance to you. The detailed ceilings recreate Michelangelo’s work in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel. Even if you aren’t staying at the hotel, its worth a trip to experience this recreation.


5. The Fountains at The Bellagio

No list would be complete without listing what might be Las Vegas’s most iconic landmark – The Bellagio’s beautiful fountains. These towering water dancers are mesmerizing any time of day, but night is much more popular, and has more frequent shows.


Next time you’re in Vegas, take a break from the slot machine and check out some of these free things that we love! Maybe you can go home with your bank account a little more intact (or you can just have more to gamble with). Either way, we hope you enjoy your time in Sin City as much as we did!