Restaurants You Can’t Miss in Oahu

I judge a vacation spot by the food. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s what I do. Oahu has SO many options, and the best food you’ll find is in the small, out of the way places in Oahu. We saw SO many people eating at The Cheesecake Factory every night – and while we love a good piece of cheesecake, there’s so many hole in the walls, that you should avoid chains at all cost.

Hideaway Coffee
Hideaway Coffee is in the Laylow Hotel – it’s not just perfectly decorated, but has some of the best cortados of my life.

Olive and Oliver
Not only is Olive and Oliver located in The Surfjack Hotel (which is hella cool), they also have super cute pineapple coffee cups, and great espresso drinks.

House Without A Key
DO NOT MISS THIS PLACE! Their Mai Tai’s are legendary, but they also have a great, open air patio with live music and views of the ocean.

V Land Tacos
These are the best tacos I’ve had in my life. Which is not a statement I make lightly, considering I’m from Texas. This tiny food truck is on the North Shore, and incredible.

Ono Seafood
Ono Seafood is on Yelp’s list of essential 100 restaurants in America. The poke is fresh, and delicious – it’s also ridiculously cheap.

Mike’s Huli Chicken
This is another food truck (if you’re seeing a trend here). You see them roasting the chicken on an open air grill, and their Huli sauce is famous.

The Sunrise Shack
This is our favorite breakfast place on the island – they serve papaya bowls, and they’re delicious.

The Pig and the Lady
The Pig and the Lady is one of the most delicious restaurants I’ve ever eaten at. It’s Thai/Hawaiian fusion, and you really can’t go wrong with anything on either the food or cocktail menu.

Tie-Dye Lattes. I really don’t think I need to say more.

Leonard’s is THE PLACE to go for malasadas (fresh baked donuts with different kinds of cream filling). They’re delicious, and made to order.

Haleweia Joes
I’m sure you’ve heard of the famed Hula Pie, but in our opinion, Paradise Pie takes the cake (pie?). Subbing out coffee ice cream instead of vanilla flavored, this is a monstrous, gluttonous, glorious dessert that we recommend sharing.

Eggs N Things
For starters, this glorious hole-in-the-wall is right across from the beach. Secondly, it’s cheap. Thirdly, the portions are huge. But MOST IMPORTANTLY, they have coconut syrup for their pancakes. I rest my case.

Teds Bakery
Teds is a North Shore institution, and when you taste their legendary pie and see their massive pastries, you’ll understand why.

This place is famous, as evidenced by the monstrous lines that can stretch out the door and around the building. But they have the BEST Hawaiian shaved ice on the island, which is the perfect cheap treat to cool off with after a day at the beach.