What We Pack For Fall At Disney

Autumn at Walt Disney World isn’t like Autumn in the rest of the world. There’s no piles of leaves to jump into, and you won’t be needing a cup of cider to warm up. If anything, you’ll spend your days sweating like crazy, hoping you don’t pass out from heat stroke. It’s a challenge to pack for fall at Disney – the weather is inconsistent, it’s hurricane season, and you don’t want to take pictures in front of all the pumpkin decorations, wearing your summer clothes. So what the effffff are you supposed to pack? We’re here to help!


This is a no brainer. A good pair of shorts, particularly dark denim (if you can find a pair with a stretchy waist!), or a fun, dark toned olive that goes with everything will serve you well! We recommend these, or these. 


Everyone that reads this blog, knows by now that I wear A LOT of dresses. Dresses are ideal for fall at Disney – something light-weight, that will dry quickly after a sudden rain storm, in darker autumn colors. I recommend this one, this one, or this one


We pick the same kind of shirts – light weight, normally with ¾ sleeves, in darker fall colors. We love that blush is making a fall comeback, so that we can transition it from summer to fall. I love this one and this one. 


Even though it’s normally sweltering during the day, we try to throw a Disney sweatshirt in our bag, as it can cool down considerably at night, especially if there’s been a rainstorm. You can shop ours from our shop here. 

-Jean Jackets

A jean jacket is a great fall staple for when it cools down. It won’t overheat you, and it matches everything. This is the one I wear. 

-Rain Gear

It WILL RAIN. Pack a raincoat, and a umbrella, and take them with you to the parks. It’s just a good idea. 

-Comfortable Walking Shoes

Comfortable shoes are a must – if your feet aren’t comfortable, you’re going to be miserable. We always recommend Keds, Vans or Tennis shoes, but then having a pair of sandals to change into when it rains. I love these Disney Keds.


I love a good footbed sandal – it’s comfortable, looks good, and dries out easily when Florida decides to pour rain. I love these sandals.


David always has a camera bag or a backpack in the park, and I always have a purse. The one in the picture is here. 

-Camera Gear

We always have our camera gear, no matter what season it is. 

-Halloween Gear

Going for the Fall, means you’ll probably be attending a Not So Scary Party – which means you either need your Halloween Gear, a Disney Bound, or a costume! We sell our Halloween Gear here. 

No matter what you pack, you’re going to have a good time. We think fall is a great time to go to Disney, and we know you’ll have a blast.