Our Guide to Galaxy’s Edge

I always test a new land at Disney, by whether someone that’s not a fan of what its themed after, will love it. For example, Pandora in the Animal Kingdom is one of my favorite sections of the park, and I’ve never seen Avatar. To me, that is the mark of great Imagineering. I consider myself a fairly casual Star Wars fan, much unlike my husband, who just ordered two new Star Wars shirts and I’m sure will be shaking his head when he reads this. I didn’t grow up watching the films, which my husband views as an indictment of my parent’s child-rearing skills, so I don’t have the emotional attachment to the movies that a lot of people I know do. But, I digress, I was excited to see how Galaxys Edge stacked up, both in the eyes of a super fan, my husband and in the opinion of a more casual Star Wars fan.

Well, folks, it’s all good news to report here on this very hard-hitting site. Galaxy’s Edge is Disney magic firing on all cylinders – a theme parkland that is truly so well themed and so immersive, that I felt disrespectful to not be applauding as I walked through. Today we’re sharing our Guide to Galaxy’s Edge, to help you plan your trip.


When the land is completely finished, it will feature two rides – Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run, and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. Currently, only Smugglers Run is available. Because it’s a ride that’s going to have longer lines due to its popularity, we recommend riding it at rope drop, or using the Single Rider line. Rise of the Resistance is set to open in January of 2020 in Disneyland, and late December in Walt Disney World.


If you’re looking for a full meal, your only choice at the moment in Galaxy’s Edge is Docking Bay 7. You can also mobile order here, to make getting your food faster. If you’re looking for a snack, you can head to the Milk Stand, and get either blue or green milk, and join the internet debate on which is better (I personally prefer green milk). For something with a little more adult substance, grab a cocktail at Oga’s Cantina. Oga’s is a popular spot, so we recommend making sure you have a reservation. You’ll find a great quick bite, or just a snack at Ronto Roasters. These wraps are a delicious, relatively inexpensive, and hearty snack or light meal.


Don’t be surprised to see your favorite Star Wars characters roaming about the land. While we were there, we saw Chewbacca and Storm Troupers. I’ve heard that it’s not uncommon to also see Rey or Kylo Ren walking around.

Galaxy’s Edge has plenty of shopping for even the biggest nerd in your family. Two of the great, interactive shopping experiences, if you have the cash to burn, are the hand-built lightsabers at Savi’s Workshop, or the build your own droid (which is a strange, modern take on Build-A-Bear if you ask me), at Droid Depot.