Our Favorite Oahu Eats

I’m sure it’s evident to anyone who has spent any amount of time on our website – but David and I really love to eat. We wish it was socially acceptable to consider eating a hobby. I’m embarrassed to admit that we spend as much time researching restaurants as we do anything else before a trip. But hey – we’re doing it so you don’t have to, right? We fell in love with Oahu in May, and we were delighted to find that, among many things, it was a culinary Mecca. We found everything from innovative food trucks to fine dining, and today, we are going to share those findings with you. (You’re welcome). So next time you find yourself in Oahu, indulge in some of our favorite foods (or all of them, we don’t judge!)


1. Ono Seafood, Honolulu
I feel like I’m among friends here, so I can be real – I have a poke problem. I CRAVE IT. And Ono Seafood has fresh, flavorful, CHEAP poke on rice in a variety of flavors, and comes with a drink. We grabbed ours to go, and ate it at a beach that was right down the road.


2. Chateaubriand, AMA’AMA
We’ve already talked about our deep, loving feelings for AMA’AMA and Aulani. But I need to take another minute to highlight this chateaubriand. I’m like Kanye West wanting to jump on stage and grab the mic so I can talk about this steak deserving more recognition. You’re going to have to trust me on this.


3. Paradise Pie, Haleweia Joes, North Shore.
I’m sure you’ve heard of the famed Hula Pie, but in our opinion, Paradise Pie takes the cake (pie?). Subbing out coffee ice cream instead of vanilla flavored, this is a monstrous, gluttonous, glorious dessert that we recommend sharing.


4. Coconut Macadamia Nut Pancakes, Eggs N Things, Waikiki
For starters, this glorious hole-in-the-wall is right across from the beach. Secondly, it’s cheap. Thirdly, the portions are huge. But MOST IMPORTANTLY, they have coconut syrup for their pancakes. I rest my case.


5. Malasadas, Leonard’s Bakery, Honolulu
Leonard’s is famous, and essentially sells Hawaiian style donuts that are filled with different things. We recommend the coconut, and unless you’re getting a ton, they only take cash.DSC_1117

6. Macadamia Nut Crusted Fish, Hula Grill, Waikiki
The Hula Grill might be a chain restaurant, which we usually don’t like, but it’s an exceptionally good one. The fish is well crafted, the service is great, and the views are always spectacular.


7. Garlic Shrimp, Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck, North Shore

There are a lot of shrimp trucks to chose from on the North Shore, but there’s only one original, and that’s Giovanni’s. The line is always long, the price is always reasonable, and the shrimp is always a messy, buttery, garlicy delight.


8. Pastries and Pie, Teds Bakery, North Shore
Teds is a North Shore institution, and when you taste their legendary pie and see their massive pastries, you’ll understand why.


9. Shaved Ice, Matsumoto, The North Shore
This place is famous, as evidenced by the monstrous lines that can stretch out the door and around the building. But they have the BEST Hawaiian shaved ice on the island, which is the perfect cheap treat to cool off with after a day at the beach.


Pack your appetite when you’re headed to Oahu, because this tropical paradise will not let you down in the culinary department!