Our Favorite Character Interactions At Walt Disney World

No matter how old you are, I challenge you to not smile when you see your favorite character at Walt Disney World for the first time. It’s a magical experience for all ages – character hunting is a huge pass time at Disney World. We have to warn you though, in our eyes, not all character interactions are equal. We’ve ranked and rated our favorite character interactions that you can participate in, so that you won’t waste your time waiting in long lines, without a huge return. If you’re going to wait in a long line, we want it to be a magical experience for you. (Our lists are never in any particular order, we don’t play favorites!)

1. Baymax at Epcot
We loved Big Hero 6, and thought it was a severely underrated movie. The best part of that movie was Baymax, and Disney has done a great job of of portraying this character. I mean, it’s kind of like hugging a giant inflatable air-mattress, but he’s adorable.


2. Characters at Main Street U.S.A.
When you first enter The Magic Kingdom, there’s characters that gather at the town square near the entrance. You can meet anyone from Marie, to Pluto, to Minnie Mouse, all while having the magical backdrop of Main Street U.S.A., and Cinderella’s Castle.


3. Characters in World Showcase, Epcot
We love finding characters around World Showcase. Whether it’s Donald Duck in a sombrero in Mexico, Mary Poppins in the United Kingdom, Mulan in China, or Belle in France, it’s a great experience to meet a character in a backdrop of a World Showcase pavilion.


4. Chip and Dale in Costumes, The Magic Kingdom
Chip and Dale are some of our favorite characters to interact with. They’re hilarious, full of personality, and make every time you see them a different experience. The experience is even better when you put them in costumes. Chip and Dale are often found wearing western clothing in Frontierland in The Magic Kingdom, and it’s the cutest thing, quite possibly in the world.


5. Talking Mickey, The Magic Kingdom
I know we said we don’t play favorites, but this is our favorite. Mickey Mouse is the best character of all, because he’s the character that started it all. A few years ago, the Mickey Mouse at Town Hall was given the ability to talk to guests, and it’s one of our favorite experiences at Walt Disney World. There’s nothing that will leave you more starstruck that Mickey Mouse having a conversation with you.


If your focus is on riding as many rides as you can (Space Mountain, anyone?) we hope our list can help you focus on the character interactions that matter, instead of standing in line for every character you see. Skip the four hour wait for Anna and Elsa (you will thank me for the rest of your life), and spend your time elsewhere.