A Guide To Epcot’s Festival of The Arts

This past weekend, I was able to check out Epcot’s brand new Festival of The Arts. I grabbed my best Disney gal pal Jenny from D3Tees, and we spent a night exploring all the festival had to offer. I’m here today, to share what we learned (and what we ate!), so you’ll know how to spend your time at Disney’s newest festival. Art isn’t necessarily my forte (I skip the Louvre in Paris, and read a book while David browsed the MOMA) – but Epcot Festivals are as big a part of my skillset as quoting Gilmore Girls, or brewing coffee. It is important to note that the festival is only taking place on weekends, unlike other Epcot festivals, which take place all week.

Like all Epcot Festivals, Festival of The Arts features food and beverage booths around World Showcase. Everything we tried was REALLY good, but we did notice that price points were higher than Food and Wine, or Flower and Garden. Some of our favorites were from the Pop’t Art stand, especially the BEAUTIFUL sugar cookie with the hazelnut filling, and the almond frangipane cake. (Both are also great for photo-ops, which is really what Disney is about). 20170114-LJP_186320170114-LJP_186920170114-LJP_188320170114-LJP_1867
Disney On Broadway:
Broadway Talent (sorry, no Lin Manuel Miranda at this festival. Disney is crushing my Hamilton dreams) takes the stage in the America Pavilion to perform songs from popular Disney On Broadway Shows. To be honest, we just watched in passing, as songs from Frozen, and Marry Poppins were being sung, but if you want to make sure you have a guaranteed seat, you can book a dining package. I personally have heard ‘Let It Go’ enough times, that I don’t want to to book a dining package for this particular experience, but if it’s high on your list, combine it with a dining reservation you already want.20170114-LJP_1896

You can get your run of the mill merchandise, like shirts, cups, hats, or pins commemorating the festival. We recommend stopping at one of the booths selling Disney inspired art though, and picking up a piece for your gallery wall at home. David and I picked up a Disney Print that Thomas Kincade did a few years back, of Main Street in the rain, and it’s one of my most prized possessions, so I know how special Disney art in the home can be.20170114-LJP_1893 20170114-LJP_187820170114-LJP_1877

Interactive Wall Mural:
The mural (which is already done), was a paint by numbers mural. Guests were given a number, and a small amount of paint, that they used to paint their corresponding number with. The finished result was a huge mural of Epcot. We thought this was a really cool touch, and maybe next year, they’ll have several of these murals so more people can participate. This was one interactive part of the festival that we were a huge fan of.20170114-LJP_1879

Picture Yourself:
There’s places all over World Showcase, where you can insert yourself into classic photos, for photo opportunities. Ever wanted to see your face in the Mona Lisa? HERE’S YOUR CHANCE! 20170114-LJP_188820170114-LJP_1886

All in all, we enjoyed our time at The Festival of The Arts, and more importantly, have high hopes for what it can grow into. We know this is its first year – and we hope that in coming years, as it grows and matures, it will take its place among other Disney Festivals, as one of the best times of years to visit Epcot.


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