A Guide To Christmas At Disney Springs 2016

We are HUGE Disney Springs fans. Ever since the re-do, we’ve been shouting its praises from rooftops, and passing out booklets with the good news of the Springs. We think it’s one of the best re-do’s Disney has done in a long time – it’s full of great bars, shopping, restaurants, AND the Springs themselves are beautiful and atmospheric. They managed to breathe new life into the place. This is the first Christmas that the Springs have been essentially complete, and with that, comes new Holiday entertainment and decor. Today, we’re breaking down this year’s offerings, so you can be prepared to celebrate the Holiday at Disney Springs.

There’s a large tree, as well as garlands in the new shopping area of the Springs. Over at the Marketplace, there’s the normal decorations for the season, such as the large tree, but there’s also stilt walkers that look like Nutcrackers, and pop carolers – because nothing says, ‘have yourself a merry little Christmas’, like an oversized Nutcracker.


The Drone Show:
This is one of the coolest new Holiday offerings we’ve seen at Disney this Christmas (especially in David’s opinions). The Drone Show takes place at 7, and 8:30, and features over 300 drones forming shapes of some of your favorite Christmas symbols (for example, a Christmas tree), while Holiday music plays. The best viewing spot is down by the water, in front of Bongos.

The Christmas Tree Trail:
I was REALLY excited about The Christmas Tree Trail. It has all my favorite things – Christmas. CHRISTMAS TREES. Christmas trees themed like DISNEY MOVIES. However, upon experiencing The Christmas Tree Trail, you can safely put it on your ‘to be missed’ list. This could have been great, but it feels a little half done.

Santa Meet and Greet:
You can meet Santa across from Ghirardelli – when we were there, we saw wait times at 120 minutes (aka what the line for Frozen is right now). So if you have your heart set on a Disney Springs Santa meet and greet, get there EARLY.

Disney Springs is one of our favorite places to hang out at night on Disney property now – it’s a great place to grab a late night dinner, or just a few drinks. We’re really excited about the addition of the Drone Show, to make it an even better place to hang out this Holiday season.

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