Frozen at Walt Disney World

If you are not yet familiar with Frozen, the biggest Disney animated hit in forever, you should probably consider relocating from your current cave-like dwelling place, and re-join the rest of civilization. Frozen has been a cultural phenomenon. The movie didn’t just dominate the box office, it has taken over lunch boxes, kids clothes, kids toys, kids birthday parties, and ADULTS birthday parties. People were singing ‘Let It Go’ classically, acoustically, ironically, and until other people wanted to hit them in the face. But who can blame them? The film grossed over a billion dollars, and that Olaf is so adorable. So lets keep the Frozen Fever alive and well. Disney has been capitalizing on the huge success of the film in their Parks, and with the announcement of Frozen 2 recently, I expect this to only grow, not diminish. Disney fans seem split on their opinion over the blockbuster film taking over their beloved theme parks. Some firmly seem to think that the new kid on the block shouldn’t have such a prominent place at Disney World, while others think that change is good. Either way, it seems that Frozen is here to stay.

Magic Kingdom

Frozen is already prevalent in the parks, more so during certain times of the year. It started with Ana and Elsa doing meet and greets in Norway in World Showcase, with lines growing up to four hours long. They were soon relocated to Magic Kingdom with the rest of the Princesses, and they are available for for a Fastpass+ option. If your child (or adult), really wants to meet them, either get a Fastpass+, or go straight to get in line after rope drop. Another option is to book a dining experience inside the park for before the rest of the park opens to the general public. One person in your party can go and get in line right before the park opens, while everyone else finishes paying the bill.

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This past summer, Disney did a Frozen Summer Fun event for several months which included a special fireworks show, indoor iceskating, a place to build snowmen, a miniature parade, a sing-a-long, and special merchandise. It was held in Hollywood Studios, and was wildly successful. We got to attend, and loved it. The fireworks show was held to the soundtrack from the movie, and was beautiful. There’s also nothing like having the option to go inside a climate controlled tent with snow and ice during the middle of August in Florida. After the Summer Fun event was over, Hollywood Studios kept the merchandise and the sing-along, but the rest is gone. I have a strong feeling that they will be bringing it back this coming summer considering its past popularity.

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The Holidays are another time of year that you and yours can overdose on Elsa and the gang. What used to be ‘Cinderella’s Holiday Wish’ has been refashioned into ‘A Frozen Holiday Wish’. Honestly, this change makes more sense, because Elsa has ice powers, and the Fairy Godmother doesn’t. It’s a cute Holiday show that achieves the same ends, turning the Holiday Castle lights on. Frozen has also been worked into several floats for the Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Parade.

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As most people have heard by now, Frozen is getting ready to become a very permanent part of Epcot, as a ride based on the movie is set to replace the now closed Maelstrom in the Norway Pavilion. This has been one of Disney’s most controversial moves in the fan community in recent history, as some have been completely in favor of the idea, and others have strongly come to defense of Maelstrom. The ride is a reality though, and incorporating characters into World Showcase will forever change its landscape. I just hope they do it sympathetically and organically.

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The two best places to find Frozen merchandise is Norway in Epcot, and Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post in Hollywood Studios. Our favorite merchandise is the stuffed Olaf’s, and the Frozen storybooks with beautiful illustrations.

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What’s great about the Disney Parks is that they are always evolving and changing. While sometimes it feels like they are going overboard on the Frozen insanity, it wouldn’t make sense from a business standpoint for them not to. Whether you like it or not, Frozen will probably join the ranks of other Disney classics for years to come.

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