Five Most Romantic Walt Disney World Restaurants

I’m a sucker for romance – I watch The Bachelor (it’s like my fantasy football), I don’t think Valentine’s Day is just for Hershey and Hallmark, I like long walks on the beach, I think Jane and Rafael are soulmates on Jane the Virgin – AND I think that Walt Disney World can be one of the most romantic places on earth if you know where to go. I think watching fireworks is romantic, and so is walking around all the countries in Epcot. I think the parks are beautiful places, and being there with the person you love is a beautiful experience. Many times, when people think of food at Walt Disney World, the first thought that comes to mind is burgers and corn dogs, and while we love some corn dog nuggets at Casey’s (HOLLA), we’re here to break that stereotype in your mind. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite romantic restaurants at Walt Disney World, so you can feel the love, while also feeling the magic.

1. Jiko – The Cooking Place
I love everything about Jiko. I love the fact that it’s at one of my favorite resorts, The Animal Kingdom Lodge. I love the exotic, but still guest friendly, African inspired food. I love the fact that they have won every award known to man for their awesome menu, and ridiculously good South African Wine List. If you’re looking for a place that’s easy to get a reservation, this is the place. For some reason, I can always swing a last minute reservation at Jiko, despite the fact that it’s phenomenal. I guess the masses don’t appreciate the African inspired menu the way I do. Jiko has some serious romantic vibes to – hundreds of paper cranes (birds) fly overhead, while the walls change colors to mimic an African sunset of the savannah.


2. Le Chefs De France
This is one of the most popular restaurants in Epcot, and also one of the most affordable on our list. We think that the France pavilion is hands down the most romantic in all of World Showcase, so eating dinner here should be a no-brainer for your romantic trip. We love Le Chefs, not just for the good food, but for the bustling, cozy, bistro atmosphere, with large windows that overlook the France pavilion. For an extra romantic time, ask for a table on the side part of the restaurant, that overlooks the fountains.


3. The California Grill
It’s hard to not get in a lovey-dovey mood at The California Grill. Located on the 13th floor of the Contemporary Resort, this restaurant features floor to ceiling window views of The Magic Kingdom, and Bay Lake, that are nothing short of magical. If you can, make a reservation late enough that you can step out onto the observation deck during your meal for a view of Wishes – they pipe in the music to make it even more memorable.


4. Monsieur Paul
Monsieur Paul is not only our favorite restaurant at Walt Disney World, but our favorite restaurant ever. It’s upstairs from Le Chefs De France, and more upscale. Everything from the food, to the service, to the atmosphere is absolutely perfect, and if you were only going to splurge on one nice meal on your trip, we endorse this one.


5. The Coral Reef
This is another place that won’t break the bank, but still has an atmosphere like no other. Inside a giant aquarium, you literally have the chance the eat while watching fish swim by. The restaurant is lovely, with an ‘under the sea’ motif that is carried out in a classy, elegant way, that manages to not feel stuffy. They recently acquired a new chef, and we feel like he’s taking the menu in a really great direction.


We hope you enjoy celebrating your love at Walt Disney World, and we hope that us eating our way through the
restaurants of WDW help narrow down your dining choices a little for you.