Our Five Favorite Spots in Disney Springs

I love to make lists. I love it when David Letterman makes them, and I love to make them too. They’re easy to read, easy to remember, and just plain fun. All that to say – if you aren’t a fan of lists, this might be the wrong blog for you. Today, we’re making a list about one of our favorite places in the world – Disney Springs. I might have a Disney Springs probably – I’m a total fan girl, and my obsession only grows with each new place they open. This list was incredibly hard to make (do I make you chose favorite children or favorite Hemsworth brothers?), but alas, I have sacrificed and done it.

-The Edison

If I could only choose one place to recommend in Disney Springs, it would be The Edison. It manages to combine perfect theming, with fun nightlife, and great food and cocktails, which is a hard combination to find at Disney. The ambiance is a fun combination of steampunk, and 1920s speakeasy, with both tradition seating, and leather chesterfield cocktail couches. There’s also a patio overlooking the water. The menu is varied and eclectic, but everything is delicious, with lower price points that I was expecting. Make sure to stay for the nighttime entertainment, which starts after 10:30 pm.

I’m a Southern girl, so if you claim to be a Southern Kitchen, I’m going to have high expectations. Homecoming manages to combine the best of the South, and the best of Florida, in my humble opinion (and it is my blog, so I get to have said opinion). Maybe I’m just a sucker for any place that has so many moonshine cocktails on the list, or makes their own hot sauce.

-Morimoto Asia
Let’s be honest – you’re coming to take pictures of the giant chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, but staying to eat the ribs. And the sushi. And MAYBE the new nachos.

-D-Luxe Burger
I had to put something on the list that was Quick Service, and D-Luxe is my favorite burger on property. They also have my favorite fries, but maybe that’s because I’m a sucker for dipping sauces, and D-Luxe has six to chose from. Be a champ – get all six. In all seriousness though, this is my favorite cheap meal on property.

If I was headed to a fancy date at Disney Springs, I would want it to be at Paddlefish’s rooftop terrace. I love the ambiance, and views. I’m not crazy about the price points (I think everything is just a little too expensive for what you get), but it is delicious, and worth the experience.

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