Five Best Recent Additions To WDW

We know there’s a lot of places on the internet, where you can find people with metaphorical pitch forks, and torches, because Cosmic Rays changed the cup design from what it was 25 years ago. This is not one of those places. Sure, there are things at Disney that we are attached to, and we get sad when it changes, but we feel like for the most part change is necessary, and good. Walt himself, said that the parks would always be changing, and if Walt said it, it’s theme park bible. Today, instead of focusing on all the comrades we’ve lost along the way (RIP, ONE MAN’S DREAM), we want to celebrate the additions that Disney has made in the past several years, that we feel like really enrich the overall theme park experience.DSC_0562

1. Soarin Around The World
We LOVED Soarin Over California. What we didn’t love, was the ridiculous wait times, and grainy screens, from old age. As avid world travelers (it’s my passion), Soarin Around The World brought me to tears the first time I watched it. Some people don’t like the use of CGI in it, but it doesn’t bother us. Also, the addition of the extra screen, significantly brings down wait times, and makes it so FastPasses are readily available. We think this is a ride that will be enjoyed for years to come.20160625-ljp_6072dsc_0214

2. Trader Sam’s
IS THERE ANY PLACE I LOVE MORE THAN TRADER SAM’S? Guys, I thought I loved Trader Sam’s. I thought that I loved hanging out in this tiny, Jungle Cruise themed bar, chanting Uh Oa, and watching the bartenders have the craziest antics. My love went to a whole new level, when our friends at D3Tees, showed us that on their patio, you can order a Spiky Pineapple, which is Dole Whip, blended with rum. This place is an essential stop, to your over 21 Disney trip. DSC_0113DSC_0093DSC_0091

3. The Muppets Present Great Moments In History
We were super apprehensive about this addition to The Magic Kingdom when we heard about it. I mean, the muppets? Sharing stories about American History? From atop The Hall of Presidents? It’s a hard sell for anyone to swallow. From the first moment the show started though, we became die hard fans. This show is EXACTLY what Liberty Square needed. It’s absolutely hilarious, in the same vein of humor that The Country Bear Jamboree follows, and we found ourselves dying laughing the whole time. We hope that The Magic Kingdom keeps it around for a long time, because it’s great.20161230-LJP_991820161230-LJP_9896

4. Frozen Ever After 

 I know that it breaks down more than a Ford. I know, the lines get hella long. I know, there’s never FastPasses available. I know, you loved Maelstrom, because you’re super hipster. BUT – there’s a lot of good about Frozen Ever After. For starters, it has some of the most beautiful animatronics I’ve ever seen. Secondly, Frozen is the most successful animated feature of all time, and as tired of it as I am, I think it needed to have a ride, sooner rather than later. Thirdly, I think it’s great that there’s something in World Showcase to add interest for children. All in all, if they can figure out the operational issues, I think it will be a win. 20160625-LJP_590120160625-LJP_589620160625-LJP_5895

5. Disney Springs
As most people that read our blog know by now, we’re Disney Springs fanatics. We think that all the new restaurants, shopping experiences, and of course, the BEAUTIFUL springs themselves, are something that will be enjoyed by vacationers, and locals alike. Disney Springs have become one of our favorite places in the world, and we spend a good amount of time there everytime we’re in town.20160624-LJP_540320160624-LJP_5494

It’s easy to get caught up in things that are leaving the parks, and the sentimental attachment we have to them. I think it’s important to remember how great the new additions are, and how much future generations will love those things.