Our Favorite Things: Cruise Outfits

I’ve gotten asked a lot of questions about the outfits I wore on our latest Disney Cruise (does Oscar podium cry – you like me… you really like me.). I’ve linked them all here today, and for the ones that are sold out, I’ve found similar ones. (What can I say – I just like to give.) My style tends to lean towards comfort – if I can’t wear it all day, I won’t buy it (rigid waistbands make unhappy people, am I right?!)

My bag is sold out, but they have a similar Disney Dooney Weekender here!You can get my sunglasses here, my bag here (my favorite!), my shoes here, my favorite shorts here (BEST SHORTS EVER!)  and my swimsuit top here. My dress is here, and David’s shirt is here. 

Get my hat at a lower price here! My romper is sold out but I found a similar one for you. 

This is my FAVORITE hat of all time and its super cheap. I wear my Carousel of Progress hat (designed by Adam Grason) all the time! Get it here. 

If Tinker Bell isn’t your thing, check out this one, or this oneRomper here. 

And don’t worry – we’ll be back to your regularly scheduled content of Disney, reviews, and pop culture witticisms tomorrow.