Our Favorite Things: Affordable Christmas Gift Giving Guide

You know the worse part of the holiday season? Getting your credit card bill in January. Nothing says ‘bah humbug’, like not being sure if you’re going to be able to keep your electricity on during the coldest month of the year, and wondering if you should sell your dog, because you overspent on Christmas presents the month before. Well guys – WE’RE HERE TO HELP. We’re making a list of our favorite affordable Christmas presents, so that you can be a gift giving hero, while keeping enough change in your wallet to buy yourself a nice bottle of wine to open while watching some ‘Love Actually’.

-Plaid Scarves
Is there anything more cozy, wonderful, or that makes you feel more like you’re in a J-Crew ad than a plaid scarf? Here’s some of my favorite affordable ones – here, here, and here.

-Pom Pom Beanies
Is there anything better than beanie season? GUYS – WE DON’T HAVE TO DO OUR HAIR. Just gimme a beanie for everyday of the week.

-Lillian & Co Bracelets
My friends started Lillian & Co, and they’re way cooler than I will ever be. These bracelets are the perfect gift for anyone in your life that you want to wow. Take 10% off with code BUCKETLIST.

-Own The Moment – Carl Lentz
I love Hillsong in general, and I love Carl Lentz – he’s one of my favorite pastors, and this is one of my favorite books. I love the way he approaches preaching the gospel – with love, and the ability to see good and beauty in people that the world have thrown away.

-Disney War – James B Stewart
This book is absolutely fascinating – it tells the time of when Michael Eisner was running the Disney company, and how he almost destroyed it, with his insane jealousy and lack of emotional maturity. Any Disney fan will find this book completely fascinating.

-Clinique Skin Gift Set
Anyone familiar with this blog, knows I’m a huge fan of Clinique skin care (it’s all I use!) and the holiday gift sets are a great deal.

-Elf Holiday Set
I love cheap make up – who has money for $40 mascara? These Elf Holiday lipstick and eye sets are the perfect stocking stuffer.

-Capri Blue Candles
Every woman in your life will love these classic candles that smell like Anthropologie. They’re beautiful, and the perfect touch to any home.

-Monogrammed Mug
Live with roommates? This is the perfect gift to have people keep their paws off your coffee in the morning.

-Day Planner
Anybody else spend the whole month of January determined to be hella organized, only to not do it at all in February? Just me? Okay. Well, you might as well be organized in style with these super cute organizers.

-Phone Cases
This is my blog, so I can shameless plug my own merch, right?

So go, shop to your hearts content, and save all the monies. Because being in debt isn’t fun – even if it’s in pursuit of the perfect Christmas gift.