Disneyland Magic Mornings Tips and Tricks

David and I have become obsessed with Disneyland over the past few years. We promised ourselves it would be a one time pilgrimage, which then became a yearly trip to Walt’s original park. We love how charming it is, and how full of attention to detail. The park feels full of guests that appreciate the culture of Disney, as much as they appreciate the man itself. It’s a refreshing place to be. They have different practices than Walt Disney World, however, and one of those, is Magic Mornings.

Magic Mornings are available to anyone who purchases 3, 4, or 5 day tickets. They’re magical, because they let you bypass the hoards of people, pushing against the gates, ready to charge Main Street, and take Peter Pan by force, giving you a headache, and making you long for a corn dog, and get into the park an hour early. Anyone who reads this blog, knows that we think that getting to the park early, is the top commandment for having a happy, stress free, Disney day – so getting to the park before anyone else is even better. The Magic Morning can only be used on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, because, like all magic, it has stipulations (GLASS slippers? A midnight curfew?). We recommend getting there thirty minutes before your magic morning begins, because you’ll still have to park and go through security.

20161126-LJP_7063 20161126-LJP_715120161127-LJP_753420161126-LJP_7164To Do:
GUYS – You only have an hour before the park is open to everyone!! If you’re anything like me, the thought of trying to maximize all you want to do, in such a short amount of time, is almost stressful. The good news, is that only two lands are open, and the rest of the park is still closed. You’ll have access to nine rides in Fantasyland and five rides in Tomorrowland. Your top priority, in our opinion, should be Peter Pan’s Flight. It’s phenomenal, recently redone, doesn’t have a Fast Pass, and gets lines in the middle of the day that will make you want to drop kick someone. After your finish Peter Pan, you should head to Space Mountain, which, in our opinion, is the superior version, since I don’t have to call my chiropractor after I ride. If you’re able to accomplish these two rides, and still have time left, our third pick is a spin on the Matterhorn Bobsleds, to fill out the rest of your time.

20161127-LJP_7619-2 DSC_0160DSC_0336DSC_0243Most of the time that we go to Disneyland, especially if we’re heading there during a peak season, we chose a three day ticket, specifically so we can have a Magic Morning. It really does make a huge difference in how much we can accomplish, and see in the park.