Disneyland Holiday Overlays

There are few things we love more than Disneyland at Christmas. We think that the park celebrates the Holidays better than any other Disney park we’ve been to, with decorations, parades, fireworks, and extensive, impressive ride overlays. Our favorite part of Christmas at Disneyland is the ride overlays (SMALL WORLD HOLIDAY IS LIFE). They’re an impressive testament to a park that is dedicated to details, and keeping up a perfectly maintained park for both first time guests, and the abundance of annual pass holders that go to Disneyland. Today, we’re talking about the Holiday overlays that you can expect if you head to Disneyland anytime during the Christmas season (which lasts a LONG time at the parks).

20161126-ljp_737820161127-ljp_7389Small World Holiday
We consider Small World Holiday to be the best overlay that has ever existed. The first time I watched it, I spent the whole time half laughing, half smiling like a child at the sheer eccentricness of the whole thing. The inside of Small World Holiday is decked out for the Holidays, while the dolls sing Christmas tunes. The best part of Small World Holiday, is that the entire outside of the attraction is covered in multicolored twinkle lights at night, which is a Christmas spectacle to behold.

20161127-ljp_740120161127-ljp_7391 20161126-ljp_698020161126-ljp_6978 20161126-ljp_696720161126-ljp_696420161126-ljp_6961Haunted Mansion Holiday
Haunted Mansion Holiday is probably the most popular of all the overlays, being a mashup of celebrating Halloween and Christmas, as Jack Skellington takes over The Haunted Mansion. We really enjoy Haunted Mansion Holiday, but as most people know, we’re not the biggest Nightmare Before Christmas fans, so this falls pretty low on our list.

20161126-ljp_701920161126-ljp_7022 20161126-ljp_704520161126-ljp_705220161126-ljp_7049The Jingle Cruise
The Jingle Cruise is hilarious. We’re big Jungle Cruise fans, as the dry humor is right up our aly, so we love the takeover for the Holidays. We recommend riding at night, when all the decor and Christmas lights are illuminated.

20161126-ljp_7375 20161127-ljp_759420161127-ljp_761520161127-ljp_760420161127-ljp_7601The Holiday overlays at Disneyland are BEAUTIFUL and we recommend trying to see all of them while you’re in the park.