Decorating with H&M Home

Every time David and I go to the mall (which is way more often than we should), our first stop is H&M – it’s David’s FAVORITE place to shop for men’s clothes, and I, am an amazing wife. I love their clothing as well, but what I especially love – is their home line. I was thrilled, when we got to partner with them, to do some decorating on our fixer upper. Today, I’m sharing our favorite items we used in our home, and how you can incorporate them too!

-Velvet Toss Pillows
Velvet has been my favorite fabric since I was a kid, so I’ve been really excited to see it making such a huge comeback. As far as I’m concerned, all things 90s can stay forever (now if we could only bring back 90s music). I love the way our navy blue velvet pillows from H&M contrast with our giant, blush knit pillows for some contrast, but still equal amounts of snuggliness. Some of their other great pillows are here, here, and here.

-A Gallery Wall of Memories
David and I have had gallery walls everywhere we’ve lived, so we knew we wanted to have one in the new house. We love this one – and we love how coordinated it is, with all the different types of gold metal from H&M, highlighting our different memories.

-Pillar Candles
David and I love all things cozy – we never want to live somewhere that feels so highly decorated, that it doesn’t feel like home. We love incorporating these different pillar candles from H&M around the house to make things feel even cozier. Right now I have several on my fireplace mantel, and one on my dining room table. 

-Textured Rugs
I love rugs for the extra texture they give a room – I have this one from H&M under my desk in my office, and I think it pulls the whole room together, and makes my desk the focal point of the room. I also love this rug, this rug, and this rug.

-Mixed Metals
We have a metal tray from H&M on top of our mantel, holding several candles, that I think keeps the fireplace from looking uncluttered. They have so many cool accessories this season – including this one, this one, and this one.