Cove Bar Transformation Coming to DCA

We’ve all cried our tears over The Cove Bar. We’ve sat shiva over the loss of secret menu drinks, and sunny days looking at Mickey’s Fun Wheel. News has come done from the Big Cheese himself, telling us that The Cove Bar will be semi-transformed into a new bar, called The Lamplight Lounge. Today, we’re sharing all the information that we were able to gather by scouring the internet.

-LOBSTER NACHOS WILL BE ON THE MENU! If you’ve ever wanted proof that Disney officials are influenced by the Lord, this is it.

-Pixar Pier will open June 23rd, which will also be the opening date of The Lamplight Lounge.

-The lounge will be two stories, and have water-views from the top and bottom.

-The lounge will be decorated with Pixar art and memorabilia.

We’re thrilled to experience this new rendition of our beloved Cove Bar, and know Disney will do a great job.