Our City Guide for London

I love London. There’s something about the city that makes me feel like I’m in a Mary Kate and Ashley movie (or a Dickens novel, if I’m being a little more cultured). The whole city is so much to experience – it’s bustling, overwhelming, polite, busy, archaic, modern, charming and a ton of other contradictions, all at once. Today, we putting together our guide to the city, so you’ll have a good jumping off point, for spending time in London.shop sweater here, skirt here, boots here, and glitter tights here

We cannot say enough good things about The Devonshire Club in London. As someone who goes to Disney frequently, I love good customer service, and I’ve never encountered better customer service than that at The Devonshire Club. This is part hotel, part private club, with not just great service, but amazing food, and beautiful rooms (I wanted to bring the bathtub home with me!). The whole place is perfectly decorated, and makes you feel swanky. I cannot highly recommend this place enough – you can book your stay here!

There’s so much to do in London. It’s been said that when ‘one is tired of London, they’re tired of living’. Today, we’re listing some of our favorite places to go and see – but really, you can’t go wrong doing anything in London.

-Hyde Park
One of London’s many, beautiful parks. You’ll also find the famous Peter Pan status here!shop jacket here and dress here

-St. James Park
We think this is the prettiest park in London – take a walk under the trees and by the water.my sweater is sold out, but similar is here!

-Oxford Circus
While it’s essentially just an outdoor shopping area, the historic, restored buildings, make this area special.

-Covent Garden
Another shopping area, filled with charm and history.

-Little Venice
Take a walk along London’s canals, for a charming experience.

-Green Park
This beautiful park is right next to Buckingham Palace, so you can kill two birds with one stone.jacket is here!

-Trafalgar Square
One of the prettiest parts of London, with elaborate fountains and statues.shop fur collar jacket here!

-Regents Park
London has so many beautiful parks (get with it, America). This one should definitely be visited.

-The London Eye
Even if you don’t pay to go on a whirl on The London Eye, you should at least visit the landmark, especially at night when it’s all lit up.

-Big Ben
Because did you really go to London if you didn’t see Big Ben?

One of London’s most iconic (and huge) department stores. You could spend hours lost here, but I always head straight to the book department, for all the British versions of Harry Potter books.

-The Borough Market
This is an activity and eating, all at once. Head to The Borough Market to look at the different food vendors and shops.

Years ago, London was none as a food black hole (really, all of Britain in general was known that way). But London has had a food revival in the past decade, and has some of the best food and drinks we’ve ever had. We’re naming a few of our favorite spots for you to check out.

-Mac & Wild
This is one of the coolest restaurants we’ve been to, serving a twist on Scottish cuisine, and having pop-up Christmas cabins you can reserve.

-Bleecker Burger

One of the best burgers I’ve had in my life. 

Our favorite place for high tea in London! It’s charming, and best of all, not overpriced.

-The Grazing Goat
Our favorite British pub we’ve found – perfectly decorated, with great food, and a huge whiskey menu.

-The Blind Pig

-The Mayfair Chippy
They’ve been voted best Fish and Chips in London, and for good reason. Try to get a reservation before you go, or there’s no way you’ll be able to get a table.

-Said Chocolate
Said makes hot chocolate with the cup drizzled in three types of chocolate – it’s decadent and delicious.

We know that you’re going to have a blast in London – the city has so much to offer, and do, that you’ll never get bored. We hope our guide can offer a small jumping off point to planning your trip.