Celebrating At Walt Disney World

It’s such an iconic moment – a Super Bowl or World Series has just been won, and the team MVP is being interviewed – ‘What are you going to do next?’. The iconic answer, that we’ve all come to know, is ‘I’m going to Disney World!’. Disney World, has become synonymous with celebrating – there’s a reason it’s so popular among honeymooners, people enjoying anniversaries, or graduations. The happiest place on earth, is a great place to enjoy a happy celebratory trip. Today, we’re compiling a guide to get the most out of your celebration with the Mouse – so turn on some Kool and The Gang, and prepare for a good time.
Free Buttons:
One of the most common ways people mark their celebrations at Disney, is by picking up free celebratory buttons at City Hall. Have a birthday? Grab a button. Celebrating your ‘Happily Ever After’? Grab a button! Is it your first visit? Grab a button! YOU GET A BUTTON! YOU GET A BUTTON! EVERYONE GETS BUTTONS! However, we know that it’s a wide and common misconception that if you’re wearing a button you’ll automatically get special treatment from Cast Members. Sometimes, when wearing a ‘Birthday’ button, I’ve received extra ‘magical moments’ like a Cast Member pulled me aside and giving me an extra Fast Pass. This is the exception, not the rule however. What is more normal, however, is for Cast Members to tell you Happy Birthday, and acknowledge your celebration. The best thing you can do is to go into wearing the button with no expectations, so anything you get is ‘extra’.

Make A Note On Reservations:
When you’re booking your dining reservations, there’s a place where it asks you if you’re celebrating anything. This is where you should indicate if there’s any birthdays, anniversaries, etc in your party. Many places do ‘extras’ for special occasions – but again, it’s not guaranteed, but a nice added bonus.

Treat Yo’ Self:
There’s plenty of ‘Treat Yo’ Self’ experiences at Walt Disney World, that are perfect for celebrating. David and I love to book a dinner reservations at a signature restaurant, like The California Grill, or Monsieur Paul, when we’re celebrating a milestone, or anniversary. Louder, more festive character meals or buffets are perfect for birthdays, or family get-togethers. We think that high-tea at The Grand Floridian, or a Spa Treatment (at The Grand, of course!), is the perfect celebration for a Honeymoon, or fancy birthday treat.

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Get On A Boat:
Looking for a celebration that’s a little more private? Plan the ultimate celebration (with the ultimate price tag!) – book a Illuminations or Wishes fireworks cruise and live out our dreams (or just take us with you!).

Tour The World:
Celebrating a 21st birthday or a Bachelorette/Bachelor Party? Head to Epcot for some drinking around the world! (Just make sure you eat too!) This is a fun way to experience Disney magic, while still celebrating a fun milestone.

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Have It Delivered:
You can have custom cakes delivered to your table at most Disney Table service restaurants, or flowers delivered to your room. There’s even companies that will orchestrate a scavenger hunt in the park for birthdays, or anniversaries.

No matter how you chose to celebrate your occasion at Disney, we know you’re going to remember it for a lifetime – you are celebrating at the most magical place on earth after all. There’s a reason that people keep coming back to Disney, and that’s because they make normal days magical, and celebrations even better.