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5 Reasons New Fantasyland is a Success

When New Fantasyland was first announced years ago, it was touted as the biggest thing to happen to the Magic Kingdom since its opening. In many ways this is true, as it effectively doubled the existing size of Fantasyland, and filled the online Disney community with much buzz. With the completion of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train this previous summer, New Fantasyland was officially completed, as it had been open in stages throughout several years. All in all, the feedback to New Fantasyland has been a mixed bag. Some love it, thinking its one of the best things that could have happened to WDW, while others feel like their expectations are not met. A majority of people said that the announcements for New Fantasyland over-promised and then under-delivered. This is something that David and I have talked about extensively, because we’re dorks, and the Disney theme parks are a huge part of our lives. While we agree that there are parts of New Fantasyland that under-deliver from the announcements originally made, we still call it a success over-all, and have decided to share our reasons for thinking so.

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5. Its Theming is Immersive
One of the best parts of Disney Parks is the immersive experience they provide for guests. New Fantasyland continues in this tradition. A perfect example of this is Belle’s village, which is full of rich details, like the fountain of Gaston, to the antler themed ‘hunting lodge’ restaurant inside the village. You feel like you’ve stepped inside of each of the different movies represented. It’s an impressive feat, considering the small amount of park that they’re dedicating to each film in New Fantasyland.

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4. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is Impressive.
Some people say that the ride is too short for such a long line, and while I agree, it doesn’t diminish how impressive of an attraction it is. The queue itself should be considered an attraction — it’s detailed, and full of games that I actually enjoy playing. The animatronics used on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train truly are the next generation of Disney technology. Many people are saying this is a ride for kids, but those are the same people that don’t understand the humor behind the Country Bears, so we don’t listen to them.

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3.  The Cupcakes at Be Our Guest Aren’t Overrated
I personally find a lot of Disney snacks overrated — for example, I don’t think WDW popcorn tastes any different than any other popcorn in the world. I’m sure people will hate me for that comment, but it’s what I think. The cupcakes at Be Our Guest are SO GOOD. Seriously, try the Grey Stuff, it’s delicious.

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2. There Are Small Details Everywhere You Look.
Whether it’s crushed peanuts in the ground in the newly doubled Dumbo, or seashells lining the sidewalk near Prince Eric’s Castle, New Fantasyland doesn’t slack in the details department.


1. It Helps Prevent Bottlenecks in Old Fantasyland.
People that frequent WDW know that Old Fantasyland can build HUGE crowds, especially as the day goes on. The popularity of Be Our Guest and Seven Dwarves Mine Train have helped disperse the crowds interested in Fantasyland more evenly throughout the park.

The Bucket List Narratives

All in all, we love New Fantasyland, and think it’s a great addition to the Magic Kingdom that generations and generations of Disney fans will be able to enjoy. We’re excited to see them continue to expand and grow upon the ideas they already have put in place in New Fantasyland, and make it into something even more appealing.