5 Not So Instagram-able Life Moments

I think it’s ok that real life isn’t as picture perfect as instagram. I sometimes get messages from people, telling me that I have a dream job. And my job is my dream job, and I love it – but I think that it’s so easy to get on Instagram, and start playing a comparison game. We look at a carefully curated feed, and think that because a picture (that took 3248093824 tries to take) is pretty, everything in their life is perfect. Today, I wanted to share a few real moments from my week, that weren’t pretty enough to put on instagram, because in the words of the great Troy Bolton – we’re all in this together.

-I’ve worn the same outfit every day this week
Like the EXACT SAME OUTFIT. Black yoga pants, white v-neck, pink baseball hat EVERYDAY. I have no shame.

-The backseat of my car has so much junk in it no one can sit down
It’s like an actual junk yard, overflowing with blankets, coffee cups, purses, Chick Ful A bags, and more.

-I had a friend text me with a pretend emergency to get out of an awkward dinner
I was at the longest, most awkward dinner ever (THREE HOURS GUYS), and I had a friend pretend to get a flat tire so I could leave. I’m not perfect. I could have handled that better.

-I cried on the couch because Instagram made me feel left out
I think we all feel it, at one time or another, no matter how secure we are with our lives or friendships. FOMO is real, and sometimes it gets the better of us.

-We’ve eaten Chipotle every day this week
There is zero food in our refrigerator, unless you count a bottle of ketchup, and cold brew coffee. We’ve been to Chipotle every single day, and I don’t feel bad about it.

It’s ok that life isn’t all high points, Disney trips, and exotic locations. Your real life is beautiful, and good enough – even if you aren’t gonna put it on social media.