5 Must Try Cocktails At Disney Springs

Back when Disney Springs was Downtown Disney, it wasn’t a place for people to hang out on the late night – in fact, it was a place where you hit Earl of Sandwich for a holiday sammy, grabbed a mug from World of Disney, then peaced out. Since it’s sparkly, ‘She’s All That’ make-over though, turning Downtown Disney into the beautiful and fun Disney Springs, it’s THE place to hang out with friends for a late night drink (especially since most places are open til past midnight, and some til 2 am!). Today, we’re compiling a list of our favorite cocktails at the springs (someone had to be self-sacrificing and drink their way around – YOU’RE WELCOME WORLD).20160624-LJP_540120160624-LJP_5438

1. The Vodka Lemonade at The Polite Pig
This might sound like a boring choice, but the bartender convinced me to try the vodka lemonade at The Polite Pig – where, by the way, all the cocktails are on tap. The lemonade is made in house, and it’s a sparkling pink lemonade, thats like an effervescent drink of the gods.20170423-LJP_561920170423-LJP_5658hat available here!

2. The Sake Sangria at Morimoto Asia
Morimoto Asia is great to begin with, so we recommend stopping by the downstairs bar (the upstairs bar, for some reason, is never as good), and grabbing a sake sangria. This drink has pears, plums, white wine, and sake, for a refreshing, different, and light drink.DSC_9944DSC_9927DSC_9928

3. Apple Pie Moonshine Cocktail at Homecoming
I can’t say enough good things about Homecoming – and especially this magical cocktail, that tastes like everything you like about a southern Thanksgiving in a glass. The drink is FANTASTIC, and a must try while you’re at the restaurant.20170116-LJP_267120170116-LJP_266720170116-LJP_2659

4. The Lemon Drop at The Boathouse
The Dockside Bar at The Boathouse is one of my favorite places to hang out late at night. It’s the most relaxing vibe at Disney Springs in our opinion, with great views, and has a killer bar. We love the Lemon Drop, with the rock candy stir stick.20160624-LJP_546020160624-LJP_549220170423-LJP_5636

5. Bacon Bourbon Gelato Shake – D-Luxe Burger
GUYS – THIS SHAKE COMBINES EVERYTHING I LOVE ABOUT THE WORLD. It has bourban, vanilla gelato, and bacon, combined in a shake that would bring world peace if served at UN summits.20160625-LJP_625220160625-LJP_624020160625-LJP_6260

Enjoy your drinks at Disney Springs, and send thank you notes to [email protected].

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