48 Hours in Maine

This past month, we got to spend two perfect days in Maine. To be totally honest, I had no idea what to expect from Maine. It wasn’t somewhere that’s ever been super high on my travel bucket list, but when we were going to New England, we decided to explore a few of the smaller towns. Maine isn’t about seeing highlights, like when you go to Paris or New York, but it’s more about getting lost in small seaside villages, and stopping at businesses so small they don’t even have a Yelp page. We’re sharing some of our favorites from Maine.

-Kennebunkport, Maine

This is one of the cutest towns I’ve ever seen. On the water, and full of wood-shingled cover building, this tiny little village is perfect for walking around and enjoying. We grabbed hot teas and explored local shops and the beautiful scenery.

-Camden, Maine

Camden is an idyllic small town, perfect for escaping and resting. We ended up spending the night here, and wish we’d had more time to explore.

-Whitehall Inn

This might be the cutest place I’ve ever stayed. It’s exactly what I imagined a real-life Dragonfly Inn would look like – I half expected Suki to pop out of the kitchen at any time. It had great outdoor fire pits to sit by, board games to enjoy, and fresh scones sitting out in the lobby.

-Cape Pier Chowder House

I recommend going out to Cape Pier even if you aren’t going to eat because the scenery is stunning. The ocean is dotted with small sailboats pulling their lobster catch in, and dramatic rock formations. If you are hungry, stop by the Cape Pier Chowder House, for a delicious lobster feast at a super affordable price.

-Marshall Point Lighthouse 

Marshall Point Lighthouse was one of our favorite stops of the whole trip. You could walk right up to this beautiful lighthouse, instead of seeing it from a distance, and it was such a memorable experience.

-Bagel Cafe

One of the best lox bagels I’ve had outside of New York City.