Disney Spring’s Jock Lindsey’s Review

The only thing I’ve been eating when it comes to Jock Lindsey’s is crow. I am here, on my soapbox, to let all of you know, that I was wrong. I am a convert. I have seen the light. I have had my come to Jesus moment.

We went to Jock Lindsey’s when it first opened, and left with a ‘meh’ feeling. It wasn’t that it was out and out bad (I’m looking at you, Skippers Canteen). It was more that we felt like the drink and food menu didn’t reflect the excellence of the perfect attention to detail that was taken with the exterior.

Well Jock Lindsey’s menu has gotten a face lift, and I’m singing a different tune. We recently went in for drinks and appetizers, and I become an official, card carrying member of their fan club. Their yes way rose cocktail, and ganachery old fashioned are two of my favorite cocktails I’ve had at Disney Springs. Both appetizers we had (the queso fundido, and stones and barrels), were delicious, and perfect for the restaurant’s atmosphere. All in all, I now whole heartedly endorse Jock Lindsey’s, and am kicking myself for staying away so long. I can’t wait to try the rest of their renovated menu.