Walt Disney World’s Crew Cup Lounge

There are few things I love more than a good burger. Like maybe gas station tacos, but it would be a close race. When David and I were struggling college students, poor and first married, I was bartending and he was serving tables, and we would get done with work at 1 am. We would always leave work starving, and grab burgers at In N Out (which is not good for your digestive system), but it’s some of my favorite memories of our early years together. Now that I’ve clarified my love for burgers, I’m here to tell you about what might be the BEST burger at Walt Disney World.

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We had walked by The Crew Cup Lounge, located at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, next door to the Yachtsman Steakhouse, countless times over the years, never really paying it much mind. It’s a nondescript sign, and if you didn’t know anything was behind the door, you would go on ignoring this place forever. But recently, we started hearing rumors on the internet that they shared a kitchen with The Yachtsman Steakhouse, therefore used the same meat for their burgers, AND had truffle fries to pair with their burgers.

We had lunch there on our most recent trip (the restaurant is really only open for lunch), and the place was a virtual ghost town. We ordered a burger and truffle fries, and a lobster roll. Both were good, but the burger was OUT OF THIS WORLD good. Like, this might be a slight over exaggeration, but it’s the best burger on property. It’s delicious, it’s huge, and it’s reasonably priced – PLUS you can get it with truffle fries. (You can buy my tank and hat here!)  (Sunglasses are here!) 

Trust me – get the burger. Send me thank you emails.