Hollywood Studios Sci-Fi Dine In Review

I’ve been going to Walt Disney World my whole life, and my whole life, I’ve heard poor things about the Sci-Fi Dine In. People said that the ambiance was great, considering that the restaurant was themed around an old, drive in movie theater. Diners eat their meals in 1950s style cars, while watching clips from old black and white movies, under a faux starry sky. Even though the atmosphere is impeccable, the Sci-Fi Dine In always had a reputation for lackluster food that was enough to keep us away for years. This past trip though, we had been hearing more positive buzz about the restaurant, so we decided to give it a try. We went there for dinner, , and where pleasantly surprised with our experience.


For starters, the claims of the atmosphere aren’t exaggerated. The Sci-Fi is truly an immersive experience, that every Disney fan should try at least once. It’s classic Disney, firing on all cylinders, as there’s nowhere else in the world that you can experience yesteryear and eat in a picture-perfect 1950s drive-in.

We ordered several items on the menu – the fried pickles, the reuben sandwich, and the specialty burger. The fried pickles were great, but the reuben was slightly disappointing. The highlight of the meal was the burger though – it had swiss, apple slaw, pulled pork, and sriracha barbecue sauce on it. We were a little hesitant about the strange sounding combo at first, but it turned out to be one of the better burgers we’d had at Disney World.


Our experience was fantastic, but I felt bad for larger parties, as it seemed harder for them to be accommodated, as the cars are really meant to only seat parties of four. Ideally, we would recommend this as a date place, because parties of four can’t really talk to each other very well, unless they sit at one of the picnic tables at the back, but then they don’t get the experience of sitting in the cars – and that’s kind of the whole point. This is one of the less expensive restaurants that we recommend as a date night option at Walt Disney World, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.