Walt Disney World Fort Wilderness Christmas Lights Tour

It always surprises people, that with how much David and I go to Walt Disney World (NO SHAME IN OUR GAME, GUYS) – there’s still things that we haven’t done. The property is so massive, and filled with so much to do and see, that even people that live and work there are still finding new things to experience. In early December, we were in Orlando for a quick weekend trip, but we knew that we wanted to sneak some Disney magic into our jam packed schedule. We have heard, for years, about the elaborate Christmas light displays, that people set up at Fort Wilderness.

20161202-ljp_780020161202-ljp_779920161202-ljp_7798For those that don’t know what Fort Wilderness is, as it’s one of the lesser known of the Disney Resorts, let me explain. Fort Wilderness is a combination of cabins, that can accommodate larger families, and campground, that consists of RV hookups, and places for tents.

The part of Fort Wilderness that really gets into the Christmas spirit, is the RV loops. Disney legend is that a lot of people in the RV loops come, and stay for much longer periods of time than normal resort guests – sometimes much of the Holiday season, therefor they really get into decorating for Christmas. Many of the RVs have huge inflatables in front (or families of inflatables), or are completely covered with lights.
20161202-ljp_779520161202-ljp_779720161202-ljp_7793Fort Wilderness has become such a Christmas hot spot that you can even take Holiday carriage rides around the campground. With a going rate of $60, we prefer to drive ourselves though, as we usually have a rental car. The RV loop isn’t long though, and it would be possible to walk it.

20161202-ljp_779120161202-ljp_779020161202-ljp_7788We loved exploring the Christmas lights at Fort Wilderness. Looking at lights is one of our favorite traditions at home, and it felt like a nice incorporation of a Holiday favorite, while on vacation at the most magical place on earth.