How-To Transform Your Fireplace With Paint

One of my favorite moments, while watching Fixer Upper (which happens a lot), is seeing what they do with the fireplace. I LOVE a good fireplace. Growing up, my parents had a big brick fireplace, and one of my favorite childhood memories is sitting in front of it at Christmas, or curling up there with one of my beloved Nancy Drew books.

When we bought our new house, one of the main things I loved about it, was the potential I saw for the fireplace. Huge (it takes up a lot of the room), with a big ledge for sitting, a wide mantel, and shiplap going up to the ceiling. I knew I didn’t want to leave it like it was – it was 70s, red brick, and super dirty.

After some discussion, we decided to paint the fireplace white. It made a huge difference in the room – the lighter color makes the whole space feel larger, and way more modern. Today, I’m sharing how we did it.

Step 1:
Clean the brick THOROUGHLY. We used a water and vinegar solution to scrub all the dirt away.

Step 2:
Fix any parts of the brick that are broken with caulk. (Home Depot can show you what you need).

Step 3:
We chose to use a paint sprayer gun, to get even coverage. Because we did this, you have to tape all around the fireplace, and cover the floors and ceilings with drop cloths and plastic.

Step 4:
Spray two coats of paint, letting the paint dry COMPLETELY between coats.

Step 5: