Walt Disney World’s Garden Grill Review

On our last trip to Disney, we didn’t make any advance dining reservations, and just made plans as they came along. One night, we were with some friends looking for a dining reservation in Epcot, and found one that could accommodate a large group later at night. We ended up at The Garden Grill, which I’ve never been to before, and honestly, never had an interest in. At the end of the night, all I was eating was crow, because I’ve never been more wrong about a restaurant.

The Garden Grill is located in The Land in Epcot, and is a family style character meal. The restaurant slowly rotates around scenes from Living With The Land, and I would best describe the food as ‘Thanksgiving-all-American-plus’. The meal starts with rolls, and salads, served family style, so the whole table shares communal dishes. Next, giant platters of pot roast, turkey, and all the sides you would expect from an All-American meal come out. The meal is completed with giant servings of strawberry shortcake for the table. The food is simple, but delicious, and there’s plenty for everyone.

If the meal was just the food, it would be good, but not completely noteworthy – the character interaction is what really makes this place special. Mickey, and his friends are there, and spoiler alert – MICKEY IS DRESSED LIKE A FARMER, and it might be the cutest thing ever. We had better character interaction at this restaurant, than we’ve ever had before, including Mickey playing fetch with Pluto, and Chip n Dale dancing with different members of our party. Now, I can’t guarantee that this will be your experience – our party was at the restaurant when it was virtually empty.

If you’re looking for something different for while you’re at Epcot, we highly recommend this restaurant.