Disney’s Ale and Compass Review

I might have been the only fan of The Captains Grille at Disney’s Yacht Club. They had my favorite breakfast of ANY Disney restaurant (I have reoccuring dreams of their chocolate waffles), and I have a lot of great memories there. To my great sadness, Disney changed it into a different restaurant during their renovation of the resort. Gone were my beloved chocolate waffles, and in its place, stood a new restaurant – the ‘Ale and Compass’.

Naturally, I had to eat here, as no amount of chocolate waffle sadness is going to keep me from trying a new Disney restaurant. The re-do is absolutely beautiful – its both cozy and modern, with tons of marble, navy, and copper accents. The restaurant has a lounge next door, where you can go for just drinks or appetizers, and has a cozy fireplace.

velvet dress is here, ears are here, and jean jacket is here. 

We started our evening off at the lounge, since we were waiting for friends to meet us, and got a couple of cocktails. These aren’t generic Disney cocktails, they’re hand crafted specialty drinks, with incredible flavor balance.

We moved over to the restaurant for dinner, and had a variety of appetizers that our table shared. For dinner I got the chicken and waffles. The menu has a heavy seafood theme, but you can find food for people who don’t like fish as well.

Everything we tried was fantastic, and the price points were very middle of the road for Disney restaurants. We highly recommend Ale and Compass, which is high praise from me, considering I’m still sitting Shiva over The Captains Grill.