Top 5 Snacks At The Animal Kingdom

Guys – FULL DISCLOSURE. I’ve been having a tough week. It’s cold and gray outside, and my favorite show, Girl Meets World was just cancelled. Nothing particularly terrible, but it’s enough of a winter funk to make me feel those January blues. When I’m feeling blue, I handle it in a mature, and adult fashion – and eat my feelings. My favorite place, as of late, to eat my feelings, is Disney’s Animal Kingdom. For years, I’ve touted Animal Kingdom as a half day park – a place with vast potential, that hasn’t been fully realized. With the opening of Pandora this year, and Rivers Of Light (hopefully), the park will be fully fleshed out, with more to do. As of right now, though, what the park has is amazing atmosphere, cohesive theming, great nooks and crannies to explore, and SNACKS. We think that The Animal Kingdom has some of the best snacks of anywhere at Walt Disney World. Today, we’re naming our top five snacks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, that you have to try for your trip to be complete.

20170101-ljp_051020170101-ljp_05181. Dole Whip With Rum, Tamu Tamu
You know what I love? DOLE WHIP. You know what makes Dole Whip better? Rum! Dole Whip with rum is one of my favorite items at Flower and Garden Festival, and it makes me so happy to know that I can get it ANYTIME I WANT (which is always), at The Animal Kingdom.

20170101-ljp_052220170101-ljp_052720170101-ljp_05312. Chicken Fried Rice, Anandapur Local Foods Cafe
This adorable little carton is stuffed to the brim with delicious Chicken Fried Rice, and is $3.99. It’s enough food for a meal, and is SO CHEAP.

3. Teriyaki Beef Slider, Bradley Falls
The slider is a little pricey, at almost $5 for one slider – but this delicious, Asian inspired slider is great, and we highly recommend it.

20170101-ljp_053420170101-ljp_055020170101-ljp_05464. Himalayan Ghost, Thirsty River Bar
In the mood for a cocktail? (I always am!). This one has guava, vodka, and lemonade – it’s the perfect drink for a hot day walking around the park.

20170101-ljp_056220170101-ljp_056420170101-ljp_0569You can buy my bracelets at Lillian and Co!

5. Spice Rubbed Ribs, Harambe Market
I love everything about The Harambe Market. I love the ample seating, and the intricate theming. But I REALLY love the ribs. They’re big enough to be a meal, but we usually split them and have them be a snack.

ljp_0615ljp_0675ljp_0674We know no matter what you eat at The Animal Kingdom, you’ll have a magical day at the park (we just think that the food makes it better!).