Security At Walt Disney World

Ok, so normally, this blog is all sunshine, unicorns, and Lorelei Gilmore drinking coffee in the town gazebo. But today, we’re talking about something necessary, for planning your Disney trip, that’s not always the most fun subject. In more recent history, Disney has really upped their security. There’s been a lot of opinions thrown back and forth about this change, with some people saying that it ‘hurts the magic’ to see increased security present in the happiest place on earth. We say, however, THANK GOD, that the Mouse (and the higher-ups), care so much about the safety of our families to pay for the increased security. The added security is going to change your day, so we’re compiling our ‘what you need to know’ about security at different parks.20160625-LJP_609920160916-LJP_078920161204-LJP_8289

– If you’re going to The Magic Kingdom, bag check and security will take place at the Transportation and Ticket Center, if you’re going to take the monorail or ferry. If you’re arriving via Disney bus (aka our least favorite way to travel on property), Ubering, or walking from the Contemporary, the turnstiles will be further up on the walkway, instead of smackdab in front of floral Mickey.

-If you’re swanky AF, and staying at a resort on the monorail loop, your bag check and security will take place before you get on the monorail. (Higher prices means shorter lines to walk through a metal detector, am I right?)20161204-LJP_829520161230-LJP_993320161231-LJP_0289

-There’s bag check, and supposedly random screenings at metal detectors at the entrances to all the other parks. We’ve found lately, that more guests than not are going through the metal detectors.

-So what can you NOT bring through security at Walt Disney World? Weapons. Skateboards. Drones. Kangaroos. Alcohol. Selfie Sticks. (I know – Disney is just sucking all our will to live with this list).20170101-LJP_046720170301-LJP_308720170301-LJP_3100

Here’s how security affects you practically:

-Budget your time wisely! If you have a dining reservation, or a fast pass, get to the park earlier than you think you need to. Security takes longer than you think it will!

– Have your bag open and ready when you approach security. They’re going to check all the nooks and crannies, so make sure all your zippers are open.20170302-LJP_372120170303-LJP_4190

Most importantly, be nice and appreciate the people working security. They’re working hard to keep you safe while your family enjoys the most magical place on earth.