The Grand Floridian During New Years Eve

Do you ever feel like New Years Eve is one of the most over-hyped nights of the year? Like you always expect it to be one thing in your head, and then you find yourself at home, in your pajamas, watching High School Musical, and wondering why you never get to sing duets with Zac Efron? Well, a couple of years ago, David and I decided that we were tired of un-epic New Years Eve’s, and started going to Disney to ring in the New Year.

This was our first year to stay on the monorail loop for New Years Eve and we loved it. It made everything more convenient, and was huge in helping fight the crowds. Last year we rang in New Years Eve at Epcot, so we decided to spend midnight in the lobby of The Grand Floridian, and it might be a new tradition for us.Jenny’s polka dot dress is here, Jordan’s jumpsuit is here, and my romper is here. 

To start off with, all the Christmas decorations are still up, giving the lobby an even more enchanted look than normal. At midnight, the big band plays from the balcony, while hundreds of gold and white balloons float down from the ceiling. If you’ve never stood in a crowd of grown adults playing in a sea of balloons, you haven’t really lived.

We drank champagne, with our friends, in fancy clothes, and it might have been the best way to ring New Years (at least until that karaoke with Troy Bolton happens).