This blog title might sound like an oxymoron – and it might be. I’ll confess, there’s no way to go to Disney during New Years Eve, and completely avoid the crowds. It’s one of the most crowded days of the year (if not the MOST crowded). BUT – you can have a way less crowded experience, and keep your sanity, with a few simple tricks.  

-Skip The Magic Kingdom

You would have to pay me a serious sum of money to go to The Magic Kingdom on New Years Eve. We saw the traffic trying to get into The Magic Kingdom on New Years Eve, and it was backed up past Hollywood Studios. Plus, the park reached capacity early in the day, meaning you sit stuck in traffic ALL DAY. The Magic Kingdom does their New Years Eve fireworks and dance parties the night before, and it’s far less crowded. Go to Magic Kingdom on the 30th, and skip the headache.

-Stay On Property

If there’s ever a time that we recommend staying on-property, its New Years Eve weekend. There’s never a time that staying at The Boardwalk Area, or on the monorail, will benefit you more. If you’re at The Boardwalk Area, you’ll be within walking distance of Epcot, and if you’re on the monorail, you’ll save literally hours in not waiting for other types of transportation.

-Make Your Dining Reservations Early

Having a dining reservation, at a sit down restaurant, on both New Years Eve, and the 30th, will save you a ton of headaches. Fighting crowds that are out the door for quick-service is never fun, so plan to eat all your meals sitdown.

-Go to Epcot, then The Grand Floridian

When it comes time for a New Years Eve plan of action, head to Epcot for a few hours, then catch a monorail back to The Grand Floridian to ring in the new year. You’ll avoid the crowds trying to leave Epcot at midnight, and still have a great time.

You might not be able to skip the crowds for NYE – but you can make the crowds far more manageable, and save yourself a huge headache.