Five Things to Eat at Aulani

Trying to pick favorite foods for me is hard – like trying to choose a favorite trashy television show, or a favorite friend. But alas – we understand that you only have so much room in your stomach, and so we’re working to eat for you (because we’re so selfless). Today, we’re sharing five things you need to eat at Aulani, to make putting on that vacation weight even easier (just kidding, kind of).

-Mickey Shaved Ice
Did you even go to Aulani if you didn’t take a picture with a Mickey Shaved Ice? We recommend passionfruit, mango, and coconut!

-Mickey Spam Musubi
It’s a classic Hawaiian food, shaped like Mickey. I wasn’t expecting to like this (I mean, it’s spam), but it was delicious.

-Poke Bowls
I consider myself a poke snob. It’s my favorite food in the world, so I have a low tolerance for bad poke. The poke bowls they have available for lunch are AWESOME, and super reasonably priced.

-Dole Whip
Did you even go to Oahu if you didn’t eat Dole Whip? Dole Whip tastes even better at Aulani, while eating it by the beach.

-Kona Lager Fish and Chips
This fish and chips combines fried food, and my favorite beer – really, it’s the best of both worlds.