Five Things You Might Not Know About Us

In a perfect world, we would be able to sit down at the patio of Trader Sam’s with all of you, drinking Spiky Pineapples and really getting to know each other. Since that’s not 1000% feasible, we like to write blogs like this every once in a while, sharing little life tidbits, to let you get to know us a little more. Today, we’re sharing five things you might not know about us – so grab a Spiky Pineapple and we can pretend we’re on a patio.

-David was the president of his college’s Engineer Without Borders
David spent a lot of time in college working in countries like Honduras working to bring clean water, and build clean water filters. He chose his degree because of his passion for missions, and helping people in practical ways.

-I ran my High School magazine and thought I wanted to be a journalist
I envisioned myself being like Rory Gilmore, but without the bad life choices. Then I realized that to write hard hitting news would mean to give up my beloved pop culture references, so I became a blogger – a compromise that fits my personality much better.

-We met the summer after freshman year of college
We both grew up in the Dallas area (we actually had two of our best childhood friends go to prom together!), and we ended up going to college in Oklahoma just an hour away from each other, but we never met until the summer after freshman year. We met the beginning of that summer, and quickly became inseparable.

-David had never been to Disney until we met
David went on his first Disney trip with my family while we were dating (and became a huge fan, obviously!). He proposed on his second Disney trip the following Christmas!

-I’m a pop culture fanatic
I have an unhealthy love with all things pop culture. If you ever need a question about a celebrity answered, I’m your girl. I watch a ton of trash T.V. I follow so many celebrities and reality stars on my personal instagram. What can I say?