Our Five Favorite Foods at Disneyland

Growing up, my family would make yearly pilgrimages to Disney World. It was our Mecca of sorts, and every Christmas, we would head off to Florida. It’s only in the past few years that David and I have started spending more time at Walt’s original theme park, and to be honest, Disneyland has completely stolen our hearts. For starters, the weather is idyllic – you don’t leave the parks feeling like you’ve been doing jumping jacks in a sauna as you do in Florida. The parks are smaller, so if walking 13 miles a day doesn’t really scream ‘relaxing vacation’ to you, then Disneyland might be the right park for you. Today, we’re sharing the five foods you have to try at Disneyland. This isn’t a WHOLE list (you need to try a ton of food because it’s all great), but this is a good place to start, especially for first-timers.

-Pommes Frites 

Grab a patio table at Cafe Orleans and order some of the best fries you’ll ever have. Order a few extra sides of sauce – you’ll thank us later. 

-Dole Whip

Now, I know that there’s Dole Whip at WDW as well, but we firmly believe that it’s better at Disneyland. It’s a texture thing (and maybe the fact that you get adorable little cocktail umbrellas in your Dole Whip at Disneyland). Whether you get a plain one or a loaded one at the Tropical Hideaway, it’s not to be missed.

-Mickey Beignets

There are few things I love more than fried dough tossed in sugar, but when you make them Mickey shaped, I’m basically a goner. Make sure you always try whatever the seasonal option is as well. You can find this iconic snack at the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square. 

-Plaza Inn Fried Chicken 

I’m not sure what kind of magic they put in this fried chicken, but honestly, if it were crack cocaine, I wouldn’t be surprised, nor would it stop me from eating it. We always get it with double mashed potatoes, because why ruin fried chicken with vegetables?

-Corn Dogs 

I think that my husband exclusively goes to Disneyland for the hand dipped corn dogs from The Little Red Wagon. He’s been known to spend hours, waxing poetic, on how it’s not only the best corn dog, but one of the best things in the world, to eat.