Five Things I’m Loving Lately

I like lists. They’re organized and easy to read, and help me remember what I need to do. As the new year starts, I’ve been making lists, and tidying up, and Marie Kondoing the hell out of my life. If you aren’t watching Marie Kondo on Netflix, how will you feel completely overwhelmed with guilt for your love of stuff? In my new Marie Kondo fashion, I’m sharing five things I’m loving lately (and yes, they all pass the ‘do they bring me joy’ test.

-The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season Two
Amy Sherman Palladino is my favorite writer of all time (I mean, we’ve talked about The Gilmore Girls obsession), and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel fills a vacuum I didn’t even know was on tv. It’s smart, beautiful to watch, and insanely funny.

-The Teachers Pet
You know what I love? True crime podcasts. The Teachers Pet is one of the best – it’s equally part interesting and disturbing, AND it ends in an arrest.

-Glossier Moon Mask
I have crazy dry skin, and using this super affordable moon mask overnight fixes that.

-Anthropologie French perfume
David got me this French perfume for Christmas, and I’m obsessed with all the different ones in the line. It’s subtle, but also long lasting.

-The Tone It Up App
The month of January is my least favorite time to go to the gym (it’s SO CROWDED), so the Tone It Up App is the perfect way to workout, without fighting throngs of people with resolutions. my poncho is here

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