Five Thing’s I’m Loving Lately

You know what I would swear by, if I was a billionaire? Oprah’s favorite things list. I think if anyone in the world has impeccable taste, it’s Oprah. She’s like the gold standard of taste. I can’t even afford a candle on her list of favorite things however (really girl – $49 for a candle?!), so today, I decided to make my own list. I’m sharing a few things that I’ve been loving lately – and they’re all affordable, or even free.

-’To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ on Netflix
My favorite authors book has been turned into a movie on Netflix, and it might be my favorite chick flick I’ve seen in a decade. It’s flawless, from start to finish.

-The Bold Type on Freeform
I am OBSESSED with this show, and so many are my friends. Loosely based on the women who work at Cosmopolitan magazine in New York, instead of focusing on manufactured drama, the show brings a fresh perspective on female friendships, relationships, and work lives, while also dealing with hard topics like immigration, politics, female health care, and career.

-The Up and Vanished Podcast
I do a lot of travelling for work, and I’m always on the lookout for a new podcast. Up and Vanished, is, in my opinion, the best true crime podcast since Season 1 of Serial, and they actually SOLVE the case!

-The Tone It Up App
I have a hard time keeping up with a gym membership while always being on the road, and the Tone It Up app has been a game changer. It has work outs of the day, a huge library of workouts on demand (I’m never bored!), and different studio classes every day. There’s always something that can be done at home, or on the road.

-Lush Cup of Coffee Mask
This is super cheap, and doubles as a face mask or a daily scrub.