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Downtown Disney’s Food Truck Park

I love food that comes out of a truck. While I enjoy a high end dinner at a five star restaurant and an overpriced glass of pino noir as much as the next girl, I have a legitimate weakness for creative street food. For starters, you get to eat it outdoors, which makes my allergies mad, but the rest of me happy. You also get innovative flavor combinations at reasonable prices. There’s really nothing to not like about the food truck trend. Disney World has jumped on the food truck band wagon, and if you’re going to spend some time at Downtown Disney on your next WDW vacation, it should be high on your list of priorities.

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Disney World Food Trucks

Downtown Disney is in the middle of a major remake and rebranding, as the powers that be shift it into ‘Disney Springs’. This is a good and much needed change, as Downtown Disney has been lackluster as of recent years. When I find its biggest selling point an Earl of Sandwich, its time for a reboot. [Disclaimer, this is in no way an insult to Earl of Sandwich. I love the Earl, and will line up for a Holiday sandwich with the best of them] The changes have been coming in stages, and the opening of the Food Truck Park was one of the first that was seen. There are four food trucks, and they, like everything else at WDW, are elaborately themed. Each one represents a different Disney Park and showcases the food found in each. There’s Namaste Cafe, which is representative of Animal Kingdom, Superstar Catering to showcase Hollywood Studios, World Showcase of Flavors batting for Epcot, and my favorite, Fantasy Fare for ‘Magic Kingdoms Around the World’.

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You can find all different types of food at each truck. Most notably are the famed Butter Chicken (that you can also get at Sanna), a sample platter from Superstar Catering, and the Hand Dipped Corn Dog, reminiscent of those at Disneyland, from Fantasyfare. We’ve noticed that not all four trucks are always at the yard, but there will usually be at least three.

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The Food Truck Park is a hit for Downtown Disney, and one of our favorite places for a quick dinner when we don’t have an ADR. It has views of the lake, Old Key West, and those famous Florida sunsets to enjoy while you eat. It’s the perfect place to sample different foods before doing some shopping in at Downtown Disney. So grab a corn dog, or some meatball sliders, and let us know what you think!